Machinery Equipment Rebuilder's

Shaft Repairs

MER. is the only roller Shaft Repair Company to offer a complete line of plasma coated and high durometer rubber and urethane rollers engineered for coil coating, hot dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, pickling and other metal manufacturing processes. We offer you high performance products that improve coating flow and lay down, resulting in a high quality finish. Our coverings are designed to offer increased service life, fewer roller changes and minimal maintenance when compared to other alternatives.

Wear Resistant Coating Rollers

MER. manufactures some of the most advanced ceramic, metallic, polymer, and other specialty hard coats to help companies in coating and laminating, electronics, packaging, film extrusion, corrugated, graphic arts, and a variety of other industries to improve performance, increase productivity, and cut costs. The company’s coating specialists can assess your specific needs and recommend the best surface coating material.

Repairing Roller

No Roller Is Too Big. No Repair Is Too Complex. With seasoned fabrication & repair veterans – and high-tech techniques, MER is the ultimate roller repair company.

M.E.R machining capabilities support large components with horizontal turning capabilities up to 260′ in length and 62″ swing, and our large Scheiss VBM has the ability to turn 40′ diameter. For larger volume and smaller turning requirements, our Mori Seiki CNC lathe is able to efficiently handle these production needs.

  • Cast Film Extrusion Roller
  • Coating Roller
  • Corona Treating Roller
  • Dancer Roller
  • Draw Roller
  • Drive Roller
  • Embossing Back Up Roller
  • Expandable Sleeves
  • Film Conditioning Roller
  • Ink Fountain Roller
  • Laminating Roller
  • Metering Roller
  • Plate Out Roller
  • Pull Roller
  • Splicing Bump Roller
  • Thermal Transfer Roller
  • Tower Nip Roller
  • Web Separator Roller (bowed roller)
  • Winding Lay On Roller
  • Wrinkle Eliminating Roller
  • Dancer Roller
  • Drive Roller
  • Embossing Back Up Roller
  • Lightweight Idler Roller
  • Web Separator Roller (bowed roller)
  • Wrinkle Eliminating Roller
  • Lightweight Idler Roller
  • Pull Roller
  • Accumulator Roller
  • Bridle Roller
  • Chemical Coater Applicator Roller
  • Deflector Roller
  • Hold Down Roller
  • Leveler Roller
  • Oiler Roller
  • Pass Roller
  • Pick Up Roller
  • Snubber Roller
  • Squeegee and Wringer Roller
  • Steering Roller
  • Turn Roller
  • Paint Applicator Roller

Journal Replacement Services - We'Re The Best In The Business:

Journal installations use special shrink-fit & MIG welded methods, so journals are fully integrated in the roller core We never simply weld a new journal to the endplate – our repairs are designed to withstand tremendous pressures MER. fabricates new journals using precision CNC machine control technology, so bearings & collars fit perfectly Keyways, splines and steps are machined to meet your exact specifications (within a thousandth of an inch) For heavier rollers (one of our specialties), we support double-endplate & triple-endplate configurations
shaft repair

Before: In Need of Repair

Before: This contact roll is in desperate need of a new journal. It also needs a new rollcover with herringbone grooves.

After: Repaired

Recovered & Grooved After: This roll is ready to roll, with a new journal and new cover, complete with deep radius-cut herringbone grooves.


Paper Industry Roll, Broken Journal Before: Cracked journals are common, especially for ‘veteran’ rollers. While your roll is here, we’ll inspect it for defects & notify you of any required repairs.


Journal with Nitrogen for Shrink Fitting After: Our technicians know every trick in the book for repairing rollers. Nitrogen was used in this case to freeze & shrink the journal on this critical journal replacement.
Worn Chrome On A Large Chill Roll
Precision Grinding To Remove Old Chrome
New Chrome Plating & Mirror Finish

Cylindrical Grinding

Our precision cylindrical grinding services ‘trues up’ the concentricity & refreshes the roll-face surface. All pitting Is removed and these heavy-duty rollers are ready to return to service.

Cylindrical Grinding & Polishing Services From Mer:

Rollers can be “trued-up” to renew concentricity (straightening & leveling rolls, calendar rollers)
The “Kiss Grind” option can help to refresh the surface finish, removing pitting & oxidation
Cylindrical grinding & polishing are integral steps in chrome re-plating projects
MER can remove increments as small as .001″ or set machines for aggressive material removal

MER will get it DONE!

We offer repairs to equipment that is considered obsolete and unrepairable. Our vision has taken us from a once small job shop to a now driving force repair facility having state of the ark machinery