Machinery Equipment Rebuilder's

Screw Compressor Repair

Our purpose-built workshops repair and refurbish screw compressor gas ends and blowers from a variety of industries and applications:
  • Process and chemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial gases
  • Power
  • Automotive
  • Refrigeration
One of the things that sets Machine Equipment Repair apart is our breadth of experience with large screw compressors in process environments.
Engineers in refineries, power stations, CHP plants and offshore platforms know that they cannot simply call the nearest air house when a compressor goes down. These are big machines that work under challenging conditions – and are built and priced accordingly.
Thanks to our background in heavy-duty compression technology of all kinds, the process industries trust us to service and repair their screw compressors and blowers skilfully and safely. They also respect our ability to work within their budgets and time constraints. Our refurbished screw compressors and blowers help keep the process industries running, day in, day out.

Repairing screw compressors is our business

Up-to-date technology and skills allow us to repair large and specialised machines quickly and economically, even when you might think they are only fit for scrap.

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  • Every machine coming into the workshop gets its own dedicated storage area and a unique code for traceability.
  • During strip-down we note the condition and dimensions of all parts. We clean everything thoroughly and check tolerances. We can also record information via CAD drawings and photos.
  • Our customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes from using original spares and bearings from the world’s leading manufacturers, fitted by our skilled technicians using fully documented procedures.
  • Sometimes original spares are no longer manufactured, too expensive, or not obtainable in time. In such cases we can often repair or rebuild parts that would normally be scrapped.

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  • Our advanced technologies for metal replacement and surface treatment include metal spraying to rebuild damaged surfaces.
  • Laser welding creates intricate joints without heat distortion, helping us to reverse-engineer parts that are no longer obtainable. Such repairs are often more economic than replacing a whole machine.
  • For oil-free machines, we draw on decades of compressor experience to design and manufacture our own specialised high-performance seal systems.

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  • After balancing and inspection, we apply PTFE and epoxy coatings as required, before careful re-assembly.
  • Assembled units are pressure tested on request.
  • Finally we paint each unit in the customer’s preferred colour. For ultimate corrosion protection we can apply multiple coats to offshore standards.
  • Gas ends and blowers destined for long-term storage or overseas shipping are blanked off, purged with dry nitrogen and filled with lubricant.
  • Finished units are despatched shrinkwrapped on purpose-made pallets, complete with all paperwork.

MER will get it DONE!

We offer repairs to equipment that is considered obsolete and unrepairable. Our vision has taken us from a once small job shop to a now driving force repair facility having state of the ark machinery