Machinery Equipment Rebuilder's

Extrusion Screws and Barrel Repairs​

Machinery equipment rebuilders 38 Step General Procedure For Feed Screw Rebuilding

Primary Flights Only

1. Prepare screw for pre-work inspection. Remove plastic, rust, etc., utilizing chemical cleaners, heat of grit blasters, as required.
2. Complete detailed pre-work inspection report. Record screw LD. Numbers, flight O.D.s, flight O.D.s, flight widths widths, root O.D.s, O.A.L. seal dimensions, drive conditions, Rockwell hardness, itemizes additional damage, and a wear analysis is implemented.
3. Screws are checked for metal fatigue, cracks by dye penetrant or megna flux testing. (Note: As through as feed screws are inspected, some cracks do not show up until they are being welded or ground. Hence, screws are checked a number of times during the rebuilding process.)
4. Processors is called to confirm price, delivery and scope of repair before any work is done.
5. Customers requesting blueprints of their screws for future placement of manufacture orders are made at this time.
6. Detailed four page, step-by-step work orders are issued to the shop. Work orders have questions for each machine operator to state the method, material, and dimension or specifications obtained at his work station. 7. Screws are centered and straightened, removable tips are taken off, and tip counter-bores are checked for concentricity.
8. Hard chrome or other plantings/coatings, if present on the root diameter, are chemically removed.
9. Stress relieving is done as required.
10. Existing hardfacing is entirely ground off. Some of our competitors try welding new hardfacing onto old hardfacing to save money and then wonder why it is full of cracks and falling off.
11. If screws are extremely undersized or have to be severely underground to remove existing hardfacing, a “buffer” layer of steel may be applied between the new hardfacing and the base metal of the screws.
12. Screws are pre-heated and maintained to exact temperatures required for specific hardfacing material and welding methods.
13. Major weld repairs of modifications are completed. Serious flight width deterioration is rectified. Please note: MER Inc., considers minors root repairs, bearing section and register rebuilding as part of the rebuilding process and does not charge for this additional work or service.
14. Flight surfaces are cleaned with chemical solvents and/or abrasive which is required for excellent adherence.
15. Hardfacing is applied. Welded samples, is required, are available for metallurgical and microstructure evaluation.
16. Screws are immediately placed in and covered with a vermiculite for nad approximate 48 hours cool down period to eliminate cracking as much as possible.
17. Stress relieving is done, as required.
18. Straightened occurs.
19. Rough grind screws to an even over-size dimension.
20. Stress relieving done, as required
21. Screw flight sides are ground
22. Damage requiring weld repair is milled at this time.
23. Rough polishing begins.
24. Stress relieving done as required.
25. Through in-process visual inspection, aided as necessary, by dye penetrants or magna flux testing, is preformed.
26. Extruder screws are checked for cooling hole blockages and are hydrostatically tested. All damaged threads are corrected
27. Injection screws have registers ground concentric with root diameter and screw ends are faced off. Extruder screws with removable rips have connecting ends ground for good tight fir.
28. Finish polishing.
29. Extensive dimensional and surface inspection is done.
30. Plating or root treatments are applied, as required.
31. Antiseize compound is applied to tip threads.
32. A final check for straightness is preformed
33. Finish grinds the O.D and seal area.
34. Buff finishes the root diameter.
35. Stamp identification number into part.
36. Complex final inspection is preformed.
37. Rust inhibitor is sprayed onto screw.
38. Screws are wrapped in oiled paper. The unit is crated and shipped.

Screw & Barrel Repair and Rebuilding

When feasible, making the decision to repair or rebuild your feedscrew or barrel can provide a substantial cost savings and extend the useful life of these vital parts.
We can usually let you know if this is an option by assessing your screw or barrel with an on site inspection or by viewing photos. If your part is damaged or worn beyond repair we can manufacture a new barrel or new feed screw that meets the appropriate specifications.

Cost Saving Recommendations

We offer expert consulting and recommendations to guide you to the most cost effective method to repair or rebuild a feedscrew or barrel. Part of our value proposition is finding the lowest cost solution that meets your particular needs.

Incredible Repair and Reconditioning Skills

Our PTA and CNC machining enable us to make not only routine repairs but to also routinely rebuild parts that our customers had thought were beyond repair. Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about what we have to offer for barrel and screw.

Rebuilding Process

Inspection & Assessment
Every feedscrew repair or rebuilding job begins with a visual feedscrew inspection and physical measuring of critical dimensions to assess the feasibility of a repair. The results of the inspection are compiled and then reviewed by our engineering team. If the assessment is favorable for repair or reconditioning a cost proposal is prepared. You will then be contacted with the feedscrew repair cost or advised that the feedscrew cannot be salvaged.
If Repair Is Possible
Upon your authorization to proceed your feedscrew will be thoroughly reworked. Repair and reconditioning steps include:
Stripping any plated finish
Surface prep and plasma arc welding to replace lost hard facing material (steel) CNC machining to reshape the feedscrew to proper tolerances and required specifications
Application and polishing of the final finish
All rebuilt feedscrews are given a final quality check to assure acceptable tolerances and error free work. Your feedscrew is then shipped to your destination.

Feed Screw Repairs

We offer complete feedscrew repair and machining services done with plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding equipment. Our most common screw repair services are: Primary flight diameter rebuilds Minor diameter repairs Nozzle thread repairs Drive end repairs Bearing journal repairs

Barrel Repair and Rebuilding

We offer barrel repair and reconditioning services for thermo-plastic and thermo-set barrels including replacement liners. Our most common barrel repair and reconditioning services are: Remove broken screws from barrels Repair grooves Repair or replace water jackets Re-sleeving with new liner Pressure testing and acid flushing

Screw Modification — Engineering designed to your specifications. Our expert consultation assures exact results.
Twin Screw Rebuilding — Straight or Conical Twin Screws.
Barrel Manufacturing — Extrusion and Injection molding barrel with bimetalic inlays.
Barrel Resleeving and Honing — Partial resleeves up to 160 inches or honing to an even oversize dimension.

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