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We offer rapid personalized response to your call and speedy Farrel Gearbox Repair, (917) 971-1567, so your downtime is kept to a minimum. In fact, no one can help you get a broken Farrel gearbox back up and running better then MER. Every aspect our operation is designed to achieve that end  from our fully-equipped, 150,000 square foot facility and highly skilled technicians backed by computer-assisted engineering to our comprehensive testing procedures that enable us to pinpoint problems quickly and efficiently.

Farrel Gearbox Repair

Why choose MER for your Farrel Gearbox Repair?

When it comes to Farrel Gearbox Repair and Rebuilds, our expertise is second to none. Unlike smaller machine shops, we are gearbox specialists with expertise in repairing and rebuilding Farrel Gearboxes. We offer several level of rebuild options in order to make your repair as efficient and as economical as possible. We can manufacture many of the required components in-house.

What we guarantee on your Farrel Gearbox Repair

We guarantee that we will always send you a detailed evaluation of the Farrel Gearbox with a quoted price to repair prior to beginning any work, no work is done until approved by you. We can repair your Farrel gearbox up to 20,000 pounds and we provide you with a 1 year warranty on all repairs.

You may be an experienced plant manager, or specifically someone that is in charge of finding the right company that will repair your Farrel Gearbox, so we understand that this is your sole responsibility of finding someone like us. Why do we understand this? It’s very simple, we have been doing this for decades, so we understand  that maybe even a newcomer coming into the preparation of finding a company like MER is to make sure that a quote request for Farrel Gearbox repair is taking care of and or quoted to its clarity is done.

Of course we are glad that you found us for a specific phrase such as Farrel Gearbox repair, but we don’t just want you to find us, we want to repair that Farrel Gearbox and give that Farrel Gearbox the integrity that we have given for years throughout all industries, domestically and worldwide.

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We should be your preferred choice for Farrel Gearbox Repair

Why do you we think we should be your preferred choice for Farrel gearbox repair? If you look at the facts, it should be very simple, we have been in business for decades, dedicating ourselves not only to Farrel gearbox repair but other various gearboxes throughout the world for specific gearbox repair. Here is a look into our capabilities. Through our deep analysis and experience and updated machinery, we are able to tackle any type of repair or rebuild within your Farrel Gearbox.
Our technicians are updated regularly on specific gearboxes, due to the fact that sometimes there might be a trend appearing within these Farrel gearboxes. We take all notes into account, especially from you the customer, and knowing what happened or what is happening during the process of the Farrel Gearbox that made the call us.

Step one of the Farrel Gearbox renewal process

One of our sales associate will provide you a basic renewal quote based on the information you provide us about the condition of the Farrel Gearbox. As part of this basic renewal quote, we will detail the potential additional costs associated with the repair prior to completion of our in-house inspection and Gearbox repair process. Once we have received your Farrel Gearbox, we will prepare it for a detailed inspection. Our technicians will begin by conducting a visual inspection of your pump. They will look for any visible signs of wear and damage.

Farrel Gearbox Repair nine tier Inspection Procedure

1. Disassemble and inspect Gearbox unit, removing all gearing, bearings, and seals
2. Check all Gearbox housing bores for wear, shaft concentricity and cracks
3. Measure Gearbox bearing seats and seal surfaces on shafts for wear
4. Check Gearbox oil passages and drains for obstructions
5. Examine Gearbox gearing for wear, metal fatigue, brinneling, and burrs
6. A written proposal is then submitted to you for approval of your Gearbox
7. After approval is given to proceed, unit is then thoroughly cleaned by caustic vat/steam cleaning system
8. Any machine work required is performed for your Gearbox
9. All bearings, seals, shims, gaskets, and any other defective components are replaced.

Our nine tier inspection of your Farrel Gearbox is very crucial. It’s not just because we will not check off a list, these routines have been done for years to ensure not only that your gearbox is repaired or rebuilt correctly, but to ensure the longevity of the repair or rebuild once of these our machine shop. We hold fast our warranties, so we don’t want that gearbox’s only to end up in our shop, that’s why the inspection is a vital part of our gearbox every build process. Sometimes during a Rebuild, due to age, we might have to re-manufacture a part or two.
Following our nine tier gearbox inspection procedure helps us to leave nothing unturned for an accuracy.
Experience qualifies us to work on your Farrel Gearbox
Our extensive experience qualifies us to work with your Farrel Gearbox. As with all of our gear working services, our Farrel gearbox repair services conform to ISO standards. Contact us for more information on our capabilities and rush service for your Farrel Gearbox. Machinery Equipment Rebuilders has your back when it comes to qualifications to repair your gearbox.

Experience these days is a must, it is not something like grabbing some simple manuals online and trying to figure out how to repair the gearbox, it takes years of dedication and experience with thousands of gearbox repairs and rebuilds under our belt. That’s why Machinery Equipment Rebuilder’s proven reputation gives us the credibility of our capabilities to perform the repairs and or rebuild process on your Farrel Gearbox.

MER will get it DONE!

We offer repairs to your Farrel Gearbox equipment that is considered obsolete and unrepairable. Our vision has taken us from a once small job shop to a now driving force repair facility having state of the art machinery to repair your Farrel Gearbox .